The Pack Horse "Round Up" is the same design as the "Pack Horse", only, it's all gussied up with an English Bridle Leather bottom.


Made from the finest quality waxed cotton and English bridle leather available, my totes  are elegant in their simplicity and extremely durable in their construction.


With their simple lines and rugged materials, this RusticWorks Tote looks and works great for either gender, and is at home in the mountains, on the range, at the beach, or for packin’ your gear for doin’ your metro-hipster thing in the big city.


Whether you’re cruising the Grand Tetons or Grand Central, a RLW tote will give you years (hopefully generations) of functional service and rustic style.


It’s a workhorse for carryin’ your books, laptop, tablet, camera gear, knitting, groceries, spirits or whatever you might be transportin’.


The character and appearance of your tote will continue to improve with use and age.


It’s my sincerest hope that my totes will give years of service and, hopefully, be passed on to your next generation.


The Difference:


The tote’s top edge is reinforced by a 2” band of hemmed in nylon webbing.  


The English bridle leather straps are hand-edged, dyed, and burnished, to protect them, look nice and have a nice feel to them.


All stress points are triple stitched. 


The tote has a two layer bottom - waxed canvas and double stitched English Bridle Leather.

Pack Horse "Round Up"

  • Dimensions (approx.): 

    14" high

    15" long

      6" wide

    2 exterior end pockets

    one side pocket, with closure strap - 6 1/2" x 13"

    one interior pocket - 9” x 13”, with pen/phone slot

    English Bridle leather straps have 13” drop