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Pocket Pro - Left Front Pocket

Protect your front pockets with the “Pocket Pro”.


This versatile pocket sleeve is hand crafted from New England tanned cowhide.


It will hold a multitude of tools - scissors, wrenches, pliars, utility knifes, etc.


The Pocket Pro’s body is hand cut, from one piece of leather, and hand saddle-stitched, to give you long lasting service.


The sleeve’s corners are reinforced with hand peened copper rivets, to give it additional durability.


This model's contour is designed to fit best in the front, left pocket. 


Not only is the Pocket Pro extremely functional, gotta admit – it’s pretty darn good lookin’ and a great conversation piece!


Pocket Pro - Left Front Pocket

$49.00 Regular Price
$42.00Sale Price
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