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Roorkee Campaign Chair

I have been admiring the simple, functional and fine design of the Roorkee Campaign Chair, for some time.

As my bag making has slowed down, due to the ongoing pandemic, it seemed to be a good time to learn more about this chair and try to make up a couple, for my own home.


There are two main components to this chair - the wooden frame and the leather elements.


Since I have no wood turning experience, it was necessary to beat the bushes, to find a talented, sympathetic wood turner.

Mission accomplished, and communication began!


We agreed on using sapele for the frame. Sapele, similar to mahogany, is an extremely durable, straight grained, beautiful wood, 


I’m excited to have accomplished this collaboration, and more excited to receive his excellent work.


Both of us being fairly sturdy fellers, we used 1 3/8” stretchers, slightly larger than most chairs. 

After many hours of beta (butta) testing, I am very pleased with that decision.


The chair leather parts are made of 8 oz. leather, with hand-burnished edges, hand-peened copper rivets and solid brass roller buckles.


I am really pleased with my chairs, using them daily, and look forward to making more.


Please message me for hide color availability.

* Allow 4-6 weeks for production.



Roorkee Campaign Chair

  • For more information, please go to:<>. 

    This was the inspiration for many of us, who have become enamored with this chair.

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