The Farmer's Wife's Machine

My new 1952 Singer has been working great. It’s not too fond of the plastic feed bags, but I’m not sure what machine would be.

The 15-91 is a highly respected model, particularly in the realm of quilters and vintage Singer enthusiasts. It was known as the “Farmer’s Wife’s Machine”.

With its cast iron and steel parts and potted motor, I nget the feeling that, taken care of, it'll sew for ever.

With a leather needle, it can easily punch through up to 2mm leather. This allowed me to sew up journal covers and i-everything cases, from some beautiful bison and cow hide I purchased.

The timing has been great. My brother Tim recently opened up a fine store (166 Glen, in Glens Falls, NY), selling beautiful art work, unique furniture and wonderfully crafted items and wares. It'll be a great venue to try to sell and get feedback.

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