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Blowin' The Dust Off

A few 2021 shows have already canceled. Fortunately, a few are hangin' in there.

It's been well over a year and a half, since there was a healthy show season, and things have been sittin' in storage tubs for far too long.

It's taken the better part of a week to go through my extensive inventory - bags, aprons, bracelets, accessories, to check them all out, re-inventory them and tweak a few prices.

I also hope to introduce a couple of cool new bags, two carry-ons and a roll top backpack, that I was hoping to show last year, before all the shows canceled.

Tomorrow, June 5th, I head south, to Great Barrington, MA, to the Berkshire South Regional Community Center for a one day Summer Arts & Crafts Festival.

I don't usually do one day shows, due to the fact that it takes an hour's drive to get there, two hours to set up, 5 or so hours of show, at least another hour of breakdown and another hour drive home.

Forecasted to be a beautiful day, somewhere near 84 degrees, it's a challenge to hope folks are thinking about buying leather goods, in that heat. Less than a week ago, home on the mountain, it got up to 38 degrees, for a couple day stretch.

Blowin' off the dust, this is a good activity, for gettin' ready for the Vintage Bazaar in Wolfsburg, NH, in two weeks.

Should be fun!

If you're in the Great Barrington area tomorrow, stop by for a "Howdy"!


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