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  Quality materials, good design and fine construction - resulting in a fine lookin', long lasting and functional product, are concepts that have always been important to me.  

     I've spent (and continue to spend) a considerable amount of time, sourcing my materials and developing relationships with some of the finest suppliers in America.


     I feel it's very important  to support home grown companies who offer the best quality waxed canvas, leather, and hardware, available.


     Yep, these materials are expensive, and, it takes a heckuva long time to hand-craft my bags and leather items.  


     But, working with domestic suppliers and drawing up and creating my own products, that, hopefully will be used and appreciated daily and last for years, sure feels better than buyin' some massed produced item from overseas. 


     I'm hoping you agree.

    Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions about my products.

Thank you for your interest.



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