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Startin' Up

Canvas Tote

    I’ve been interested in the rustic beauty and rugged practicality of canvas totes since the late ’50’s.


    Growin' up in a large family, my mother used what we called her “coal bag” for haulin’ around all of the stuff required to accommodate five young boys.


    Sixty plus years later, I still have that tote; although it has seen better days.


    Inspired by the memories of our family “coal bag”, I design and build my totes, messenger bags, aprons and accessories with the idea of function, durability, and admittedly, I think they’re pretty darn nice lookin’.


    Made from the best quality waxed canvas and leather available, my bags are elegant in their simplicity and extremely durable in their construction. 


    I make each of my totes, messenger bags, aprons and accessories, one at a time, in my mountain home workshop in Windsor, MA.  


    With their simple lines and rugged materials, my carry goods look and work great for either gender, and are at home in the mountains, on the range, at the beach, or for packin’ your gear for doin’ your metro-hipster thing in the big city.


    They're a workhorse for carryin’ your books, laptop, tablet, camera gear, knitting, groceries, spirits or whatever you might be transportin’.


     The character and appearance of your tote will continue to improve with use and age.


     Whether you’re cruisin' the Grand Tetons, the Grand Canal or Grand Central, a p.m.reed CARRY GOODS bag will give you years (hopefully generations) of functional service and understated rustic style.


Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest.


Happy Trails!

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