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Waxed Canvas Shop Apron

    My waxed canvas Shop Aprons are handmade from 20 oz. waxed canvas, bridle leather straps, solid brass hardware and snaps, and hand-hammered copper rivets. 


    No matter what your intended activity, there are lots of pockets for pencils, glasses, cell phone, tools, grilling implements or even the TV remote for guys who just want to sit around and look awesome while they are plannin' their next project - watchin' their favorite home improvement (or cookin') shows. 


     Could probably even hold a couple cans of cervesa in the two large lower pockets, if necessary (see grilling reference above).


     These aprons will stand up to any challenge you might give them.  And, they're pretty darn good lookin'.  (Look great on the ladies too!)



Waxed Canvas Shop Apron

  • There are two sizes:

    Medium - Fits medium build, up to about 5'10" tall.

    Large - Fits medium larger girth, over 5'10" tall.

    Please contact me. if you have any sizing questions.

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