The Upcycle

I’ve had a hankerin’ to expand my realm of creating useful products.

Growin' up in a large family, in the late 50’s, my mother used what we called her “coal bag” for haulin’ around all of the stuff required to accommodate five young boys.

Almost 60 years later, I still have that tote; although it has seen better days.

Having been interested in the rustic beauty and rugged practicality of canvas totes, ever since, I figured I’d try my hand at makin’ one up.

I’ve been haulin’ around an ancient green canvas tarp, which had been my father’s, back in the early 60’s.

Covered with decades of projects' paint splatter, it seemed like a great candidate for a new purpose. I believe that hipster makers, in their Brooklyn loft studios, call this “upcycling”.

My Singer could certainly handle the weight of the material but I felt the need for a much sturdier thread.

Back to the internet to find a sturdier machine...

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