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It's A New Year!

Berkshire Totes.jpg

Well, we're comin' up on my first year anniversary of cellar sewin'.

I'm startin' the New Year with some new bags.

Livin' at the top of a mountain, smack-dab in the middle of the Berkshire Hills, I christened the small waxed canvas tote with the English Bridle Leather bottom and straps and contrasting side struts, "The Berkshire".

There are many outdoor and cultural activities in these parts and this tote would be a great accessory for transportin' your necessities to and fro.

Aside from the fact that the nylon seatbelt webbing I was using had tripled in price, it's now virtually unavailable, in the nice maroon/burgundy color that I have been using.

Must be all of the metro-hipster pocketbook makers in Brooklyn, who have bought it all up.

It's been a very popular tote, but I may have to put that model on hold; pending hopefully future availability of the webbing.

I've also added black models to the "Berkshire" and the Small Messenger Bag family.

More to come...

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