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Welcome to just about Fall!

It’s in the air, leaves are startin’ to turn…

Gettin’ ready for a couple of forthcoming shows; havin’ to switch a few gears and organize inventory and gather up a handful of new items that I’ve made up, since last year.

Transforming into “show mode”, particurlarly since there have only been a few in the last three years, is a bit daunting.

I look forward to the Hancock Shaker Village Country Fair, Hancock, MA, coming right up, on the weekend of Sept. 24 and 25, 2002 and then the three day Vintage Market Days of Vermont October 7, 8, 9, 2022, Vermont State Fairgrounds, Rutland, VT.

They both should be wonderful shows.

A few of the new items I'll be offering:

“Mesa” Shoulder Bag

Wanting to address my cowboy’n needs, being able to carry a small camera and a couple other items, for a long day in the saddle, after making my afore-mentioned “Saddle Pocket”, I worked up a model for a western saddle.

I’ve had the good fortune of taking many trips to Montana, to spend time on a working cattle ranch.

Every trip has been an amazing experience, making new friends, improving my ranch skills, and developing the gear that gets me through long days in the saddle, workin’ cows.

Having tried my hand at ropin’, at docterings and brandings, and havin’ almost dallied up my thumbs to my saddle horn a couple of times, I figured I was better in the saddle with a camera, than a rope.

After initially making up what I’m calling my “Mesa” bag, I realized that it was the size and type of small shoulder bag that many have asked for, at past shows.

So, rather than puttin’ on a short saddle horn strap, I added an adjustable shoulder strap, so that it became a nice carry for a cellphone, wallet, glasses, keys, etc.


I’ve always made things that I liked and/or needed for a particular use, and hoped others would like/enjoy the use of them too.

I can’t lay claim to being the original maker of my “Forager” Belt Pouch, but I tweaked a few things and came up with a pretty handy item.

Large enough to store your mushrooms, sea shells, cellphone, keys, wallet, or other items, the “Forager” handily attaches to your belt, or other pack strap and folds up, when not in use.

I have added snaps for the bag body and leather flap, so that it can be detached, for cleaning, if necessary.

“Shell Bag”

My youngest brother, Seth (ig, in addition to his outstanding woodworking/furniture making skills and being an L.L.Bean Kayak instructor/guide extraordinaire, informed me that he has taken up some form of fancy clay pigeon shootin’ and wanted to know if I could come up with a shell bag.

It sounded like a fun project, so, after goin' online, and lookin’ at about one hundred examples, my version of a shell bag was born.

Don’t know if it has improved his aim, but it looks pretty handy and stylish, to boot.

I can see quite a few other uses for this belt pouch, if you’re not of the sport shootin’ nature.

Well, time to get back to work.

Hope you all are well, and if in the neighborhood of either of these two upcoming shows, please stop by for a Howdy!



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